About Me – Behind The Camera

Fashion Photographer based in Brighton


I am a photographer based in Brighton, UK but I love to travel for projects.

I specialize in fashionportrait and Wedding photography
I do one-off photoshoots but I also do regular monthly packages to give you a stream of images to your social media feed. 

 For packages and prices or if you have any questions email me at hello@moathorneby.com

 My name is Moa Thörneby and I’m the owner of Moa Thörneby Photography. You can follow my work on facebookInstagram, and Pinterest

I work with both natural light and studio lights and I started off with a Canon so Canon is still with me. Today I am using a Canon 5D Mark 3. I have always loved taking pictures of people and I discovered that I loved organised photoshoots and the editing after so that’s what I do. And it always makes me really happy and I meet so many amazing people. I think I can say I have the best job ever 🙂 

Born in the south of Sweden, but I have lived in New York, Oslo, Los Angeles and I came to Brighton 2011. 

I get inspiration from faces, women, shapes, colours, personalities, and flowers! 

xx Moa

Images by Joanna Sjönvall at Bonobos Production