Creative Fashion Photo Campaign In Brighton – Professional Photographer

Editorial photoshoot for a natural cosmetic company

 This is a photoshoot campaign to showcase Latte & Lunas tattoo cream. Vanessa Koeb is the model and she is so beautiful, love her eyes and she is just special and unique. She also had one of the flower that’s an ingredient in the tattoo cream on her shoulder so that was perfect.

We did the shoot in Tichborne Photography studio in Brighton. I used two lights on each side, one more slightly facing the wall behind Vanessa beacuse I wanted to get some shadows on her face to create a more intresting portrait. Important is to get a good angel for the model but also make sure the product will work together with the photograph. 

In this case the tattoo cream was quit small so we had to try to find angles so the tattoo container didn’t disappered in the photo. It is just to try different poses until you get somethink you’re happy with. You can take many shots until you have something or sometimes the best ones are in the beginning beacuse when you start to think too much it can look too forced. It always better to have a few different poses that you can choose form.

I’ll go through my images in Adobe Bridge to choose the ones I want to edit. Then I’ll edit them in photoshop. There is soo much you can do in photoshop and you can do the same things in many different ways but it is just to practise and edit the way you are comfortable with. 

xx Moa