MailChimp Email Marketing Photoshoot

Professional Portrait photography in Brighton

Mark Robbins Mailchimp Interview Photoshoot at Brighton Seafront.

A few weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Mark Robbins from Rebel for an interview with the email marketing company MailChimp.

You can see the interview here

I met up with Mark outside his office in Brighton and we headed down to the seafront for some shots with the pier in the background. It was a beautiful day, sunny and blue sky.

I had a flash with me to try to bounce up the hard shadows from the sunlight and after some shots with the pier we went down to the water and got some pictures with the water as a backdrop.

After a wave got Marks’ shorts wet we went back to his office to continue our photoshoot in an office enviroment. 

I had a great time doing this with Mark!

xx Moa