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North Laine giftshop product photography

Present in The Laine is a beauiful gift shop on gardner street in the heart of North Laine, Brighton. They sell a collection of handpicked gifts, everything from homewares, candles, women & men’s accessories and beauty.

 This is what I’ve been up to this week, product photography for their website, and here are a small selection of the product images from this batch.

The beautiful and colourful statement earrings in the header are from Toolally Jewellery, I just think they are amazing!

The brass frames are tricky to photograph because of the reflections in the glass, had to try a few different angles.

And for the jewellery I was using my close-uo macro filter  1×4, so come be able to focus closer to the jewellery and get a better quality image. I think they are great to use if you don’t have a macro lens.

 I think the most challenging from this time was the mirror watches from Komono, when I photographing from above you can see my camera reflecting in the watches and they don’t get the right colour. Because my set up is quite basic, I just have a white box, and the light from the lamps in the ceiling. So I had to come up with an idea, without working with lights and reflectors. I decided to take the photographs of the watches from above to get the image I wanted, then I took another one from a different angle (the corner, so you couldn’t see the camera in the watch) to get the accurate colour. Then I had to try to combine them in photoshop. A bit tricky because of the different angles.

If you scroll down you can see the result!

xx Moa