Professional Fashion Photographer – Men’s Fashion Photoshoot In Brighton

Editorial photography / Winter lookbook 2016-2017

This is from a Leather Monkey photoshoot, lookbook Winter 2016-2017. If you’d like to see any of the lookbook images, you can go here

Loic Williams was our model for the day. He is just an incredible model. Very professional and just so talented, I hope I’ll get a chance to work with him again. 

We started the day with setting up the lights at the Green Door Store which was our location for the shoot. Finding our spot for the lookbook, then it was just to go trough all the jackets/clothes/looks. 

We had a coffee and baguette break, after that we’re finishing off the photographing of the lookbook and decided we wanted to do some shots that were more suitable for social media. So we tried to find some different places and thought the green doors toilet would be great. Very low light, so I had to have high ISO, therefore there is a bit of noise in the images from in there. 

xx Moa