Virtual Photoshoot

Create Beautiful Portraits Via Video Call

Using ZOOM Video Call

I can’t wait to get back to do photoshoots and to see people and be creative again. So I did a virtual photoshoot with my friend Michiel, inspired by so many creatives out there, to just feel like I am doing something.

Using Zoom video call, I took some photos of her on my laptop. She was using the rear camera on her phone (it’s better than the selfie camera), and then we were just having some fun and just embraced that the quality won’t be great.

I think that I have learnt a lot from that.. A picture doesn’t always have to be super sharp or have the best lighting to be an amazing picture. I am always quite hard on myself to get it look right and what other people will think, but what is right and wrong? 

You express yourself through the camera, so just be you <3 

xx Moa