Studio Beauty Shoot In Brighton

How To Shoot Beauty Photography

‘Beauty Photography is used to sell things like makeup, skincare, hair products and jewelry. Just like Fashion Photography is focused on selling clothing, Beauty Photography is focused on selling a certain beauty product or accessory.’

 As you probably already know, I love shooting people! Beauty just add more people to the team and it is all about the team work and seeing an idea come to life. I think beauty photography can be ‘naural & clean’ but also more bolder and creative.

For me ‘beauty’ is in all people.

A team for a beauty shoot has, except the model(s) a makeup artist and hairstylist. Sometimes the makeup artist can do hair too. (Just ask when you are starting to look for your team.)
Beauty mainly focuses on hair and makeup but sometimes a stylist can bring something extra to the shoot.

Something that is good to let your model know before the shoot is to do her nails. You use a lot of hands in beauty so it can be good to have the nails newly done.

I shoot most of my beauty in my studio, and if you are looking for a beauty photographer email me at

xx Moa