Brighton Based Product Photographer – Jewellery Lifestyle Photoshoot

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FREE_D are offering expertly taught 3D Printing courses to empower disadvantaged women in finding long-term employment.

“Founded in 2016 by Siavash Mahdavi and Katherine Prescott, Free-D was created to offer underprivileged women a chance to break the tragic, and, endless cycle of modern slavery. Coming from a background in advanced manufacturing and, specifically, 3D printing they wanted to find a way to use this technology for good. They have since built a team of complementary personalities and partners dedicated to working towards their combined goal: of granting underprivileged women an opportunity to gain meaningful and long lasting employment.” Free_D

This are the lifestyle shots of the 3D Printed Jewellery, you can read more about this wonderful project and see the images from the fashion photoshoot here

xx Moa