How to Plan and Shoot a Lookbook for Fashion


Find the concept – It All Starts with an Idea

So you want to have an idea of what you want: a look, a feel, and an atmosphere that you want to achieve in the photos, and that’s the best start! Then it’s good to have inspiration and ideas for clothing, hair, and makeup before you go to next step.


Which is to create a mood-board. This is where something like Pinterest is one of your best friends.

You search right there on Pinterest or explore some websites or magazines, but search a lot, because the more images you find, the more inspired you will get. You’ll also get a clearer idea of what you want to achieve and when you’ve created a mood-board you can easily share your ideas with the other creatives.

Find the right creatives – Searching for Your Team

To create the perfect images for your photoshoot you want everything to be at it’s best.

For example, if you shoot a landscape you rather wait for the weather will benefit your image. A sunset/sunrise over the horizon will look better than a misty and grey day. 

So, who are the other creatives?

* A Makeup Artist (MUA)
* A Hair Stylist
* A Clothing Stylist
* A Model (s)

Location scout

 So now you have a team you need to figure out where you’re going to take these photos.

Great locations will help you to create that perfect image. 

Shot List 

Please don’t have a photoshoot without a shot list. You think you’ll remember what shots you want, but on the day there is so much to think about so it is easy to forget. Change of outfits or combination of different items, every small change write it down and tick it off when you have the shot.

Most Important

Don’t forget to bring lunch and snacks!! 

xx Moa